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Let’s capture magic through the lens

When you book with Scenic Journey photo tours you are not a random face in a large group of clueless tourists. You get to book with our individual or small group packages which means you get one on one personal attention.
The Scenic Journey tours are a unique opportunity that is tailored to your photography needs.
Don’t waste more time watching videos and theorizing about good photography, put yourself in action with tactical guidance. It will take you further than constant youtube tutorials that sound good but keep you from being the creator.

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How the tours work

What is provided

When you book with us you will receive an itinerary that gives you a breakdown of the travel schedule for your particular tour and lists any considerations that might be necessary.
You will be responsible for your travel to Delta/Montrose or Grand Junction depending on where your particular tour will be based out of.
Lodging is your responsibility, we do have some recommendations and we try to work with local establishments to get you the best pricing.
Meals will be your responsibility as everybody has different dietary concerns.  We can provide meal ideas/options.  It is recommended that you carry snack bars etc. with you as some tours end up being very long days in the field.

Scenic Journey Tours will provide the travel from the designated pickup point throughout the scenic tours.  During your Scenic Journey, we will be more than happy to provide photography insight, tips/tricks, and ideas along the way as we take you to the various destinations we have picked out for you to enjoy and photograph.

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Who we serve


We work with photographers of all skill levels.  I have taught high school beginning photographers and worked with award-winning professionals. 
We do recommend that you have at minimum a basic understanding of your camera controls and functions. 
When you book we will send you a questionnaire that will help us evaluate your photographic needs so that we can serve you the best experience.