Want to Capture The Magic of Colorado?

Workshops/Tours in places you are guaranteed to love.

Colorado is magical.  The time of year doesn’t matter.  Every photo tour is designed with helping you capture the magic in the beauty of this unique area of Colorado

Capture Colorado

Let’s roll – it will be epic.

You have heard about it, seen the pictures of others’ vacations here, and have always wanted to come. 
Finally, your opportunity is here, but do you know where to go?  You know that you want to experience the amazing scenery of this magical land.  Let us be your guide.
Having grown up in western Colorado this is the country I have spent my years exploring and photographing. 
I can take you places that your friends haven’t been to.
If you want photography tips and tricks we can help you with that too. 

More info coming soon!!!

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Colorado Wildflowers

Summer on the Grand Mesa

Colorado Fall Colors

Winter Wonderland

Petroglyphs/ Desert Canyons

Colorado Night Skies